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    Many learner drivers are daunted by the prospect of roundabouts – especially as there’s a good chance your driving test will tackle a decent sized one.

    But with experience and the right know-how, using the circular junctions soon becomes second nature.

    The approaching traffic usually gives way to traffic already on the roundabout, which always comes from the right.

    By waiting for a safe gap – you can join the flow of traffic and continue in the correct lane until reaching your exit.

    Ensure that you signal before you leave the roundabout. You would usually signal as you pass the exit just before the one you need.

    Like regular roads, larger roundabouts consist of different lanes. Only by joining a roundabout in the correct lane will you be able to access your chosen exit.

    A typical roundabout has three or four exits, although in some cases there can be as many as seven, or as few as two.

    Check out the video below for some helpful hints and tips on how to deal with roundabouts.


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